Who Are We


At The Works we have harnessed a super powerful combination. 20 years experience of working in the business services, corporate world and across 5 continents and 7 countries. Mixed with a retail, entertainment business, in operation for 35 years. The outcome? A really cool, east meets west fusion, coffee concept flowing seamlessly into flexible working environments creating a strong sense of flexibility, community and comfort.

Underpinning this we have used our sister businesses to chisel out a suite of business support services that we believe our clients will love, the aim being efficiency and cost savings. All of this housed in beautiful, very funky office surroundings that have been painstakingly refurbished to serve the modern day work and play community.

Over the years, even decades we have heard the grumbles of business owners and staff about poor office conditions; unreliable systems, boring offices etc. Our mission is simple, create an environment that has rock solid infrastructure within a fantastic office and community. You can simply go to work and get on with your business with zero hassle, everything taken care of, leave it all to us.

We offer a lot to these types of businesses, it’s lonely and tough in these early days. We take the hassle away, offer a collaborative environment, support services if you need them, especially advisory, financial analysis and funding.
Small companies fluctuate in size dramatically in the early days whilst you get stability, we offer a completely tailored package dependent on your needs ensuring at no point do you have expensive, unused space.
These can be adhoc users, in and out and pay as you go type customers just looking for peace and quiet and a chance to get on with important work in an environment that allows you to get stuff done.
Through our co-working environment and suites we can accommodate larger companies giving you access to all shared facilities, make your team move really simple, just turn up, plug and play.